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Physician Assistant Resources: EBM

What is EBM?

EBM stands for Evidence-Based Medicine. You'll also see it referred to as EBP (Evidence-Based Practice). It means combining clinical expertise and values with the best, most current evidence from research to make the best patient care decisions.

EBM Overview

What sources should I use?

Once you have located some sources of potential evidence, how do you determine which to use?  Try these downloadable study appraisal checklists: 


Preappraised Research

Research Articles

UD network username & password required for off-campus access. Mobile versions are usually available.

Most resources allow you to also create a customized account to save citations, create email alerts, etc. These accounts, already paid for by the UD library subscriptions, are optional and separate from any UD logins.

Current Awareness Tools

Library Day Assessment