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Finding scholarly articles


- Follow APA style format, provide a full reference to the article you are annotating.

- Prepare to share your annotation with class members using PowerPoint. The slides need to include the following:

      * what is the research subject?

      * Method of investigation.

      * Summary of findings.

      * How the article you have selected relates to the assigned materials.

      * Significance of the research.

      * Your comments.

      * Article should be written in 2015 or later.

Finding an article full-text from a citation

  1. Determine what kind of source it is. Is it a book chapter? A journal article? (Easiest way to do this is to look for a volume or issue number. Then you know it's a journal article!)
  2. If it is a book, look in the catalog to see if we own it. If we don't, you need to Interlibrary Loan it. Do so by checking the "Libraries Worldwide" link on the left, and clicking "Request Copy."
  3. If it is an article, use the Journal List to search for the journal title to see which database it is in. If we don't own it, use Find It to request the title. If it's not in a database, use Interlibrary Loan to request the article.

Writing an Annotated Bibliography

Journal Articles (APA)

Online Journal Articles (APA)

*note: each line after the first line should be indented

Author’s name. (date). Title of the article. Journal Name, volume(issue), pages. DOI number or URL

*note if the doi number is available, use the doi instead of the url. 

Example with doi number:

Thompson, K. R., Hockwater, W. A., & Mathys, N. J. (1997). Stretch targets: What makes them effective? Academy of Management Executive, 11(3), 48-60. doi:10.1037/0278-6133.24.2.225

Example without doi:

Bonnet, F., Chene, G., Thiebaut, R., Dupon, M., Lawson‐Ayayi, S., Pellegrin, J. L., ... & Morlat, P. (2007). Trends and determinants of severe morbidity in HIV‐infected patients: the ANRS CO3 Aquitaine Cohort, 2000–2004. HIV Medicine, 8(8), 547-554. Retrieved from

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