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Library Student Assistants: Procedures

Library catalog aka WorldShare

Library Cards

*UD students, faculty, and staff have current ID cards with an ID number on the front.  Loras, Clarke, Emmaus, & NICC students, faculty, and staff are NOT in the library system. They may be issued an Open Access card (books only) if they are an Iowa resident.

Open Access Cards

Anyone who lives in Iowa can check material out on our Open Access program.

  • They get a yellow library card. Complete all required information. Drivers' License numbers may be used as ID numbers for OA patrons.
  • Be sure to fill in ALL of the fields required by the computer (address and phone number and email address).  When entering them in the computer, their status code is OA for Open Access, unless they are affiliated with a Dubuque college then select the appropriate college in the Patron Type field.
  • Open Access patrons may check out BOOKS ONLY (no media, periodicals, or equipment/technology).
  • DVDs, periodicals, & equipment circulate to UD patrons ONLY.
  • Please give each new OA patron a “Library Information for the Public” handout, which explains their privileges. This handout is located in the clear handout stand on the Circulation Desk. Contact Jaimie if you need more copies or print more.
  • UD alumni have the same borrowing privileges as the general public, if they live in Iowa.

*Non-Iowans (including alumni who live outside of Iowa) may NOT apply for a library card.  Please refer any questions regarding this policy to the Circulation Supervisor or a librarian. 

Catalog basics (staff version)

Use the Circulation tab to do any check-in, check-out, searching for items, or searching for patrons.

Terminology – Below is a list of what the different features are called in WorldShare, 

Search = Discover Items
CKO (Search patrons) = Assist Patrons

Barcode (under Assist Patrons) = Patron ID#
In-House Check – Non Loan Return
Fast Add = Create Temporary Item

New patrons – To create a new patron account, go to Assist Patrons, and search for the patron name. This will bring up a button that says "Create New Patron." Be sure to fill out the starred well as the address, phone number, email address. Remember……..the field that says “barcode”, when referring to patrons, actually is asking for their UD ID#. If, it's an Open Access patron, use the barcode on the yellow card.

Check out – When you are in the checkout window and have the patron’s account pulled up, and are ready to check out an item……the term “barcode” is asking for the BOOK barcode.

Check in – The default or Auto check in mode is for books that have been returned. If you are checking in IN HOUSE CHECKINS, click on the drop-down and check in under Non Loan Return. Please pay attention to any pop-up messages. (If you are unsure what to do with the item, give it to Jaimie.)

Circulation Procedures

Checking Out Material

  •  Check out periods are as follows:

    • Books: 4 weeks (Faculty check out period is until the end of the semester)

    • DVDs, videos, & board games: 2 weeks

    • Magazines: 2 weeks

    • Reserve Items & laptops: 2 hours (only in the library)
    • Charging cords & other electronics: 2 hours (on

Requests for exceptions should be directed to a supervisor (or a librarian).

Circulation Policies are available at:


       Material can be renewed in person, over the phone, via email, or online. 

  • Online renewals are available through the library catalog’s My Account tab.
  • For in-person and phone renewals, call up the record(s) before renewing to be sure the material is not reserved for someone else. Verify the material that is to be renewed. 
  • Faculty may renew their books by phone or email.


  • If an item is checked out by another patron, a patron can place a "hold request" via the library catalog to be notified when it is available for them.

Physical Reserve Material

Physical reserve material is kept behind the Circulation Desk.  Reserve books are on the wall shelves, arranged alphabetically by professor and course number

  • Reserve materials are in-house, two-hour use. All reserve materials must stay in the building
  • Always check out reserves, even if the student plans to use it briefly. This is important for tracking library use.
  • Always check in reserve materials before returning to the reserve shelf 
  • If a professor brings in material to be put on reserve, give to the Circulation Supervisor to be put on reserve.  Be sure to put a note with the materials indicating the teacher’s name, class number, & class name. If possible, have the professor fill out a reserve request form. These are located by the front door on the counter by the security gates

More information for faculty about reserves services is available at:

Opening & Closing the Library


  • Turn on all lights, if not already done by housekeeping
  • Turn on both circ computers and log onto the circulation account. See password list if needed.
  • Log both computers into WorldShare
  • Make sure the copiers are on, including second floor.
  • Check copiers for paper, fill if necessary


  • Make sure all returned materials have been checked in.
  • Check for any in-house materials and in-house check them, place on proper cart in order. In-house carts are located near the Reference Desk and in the 1st-floor stacks in the Bs. 
  • If you haven't seen security 15 minutes before close, call them to remind them.
  • Check copiers for paper, fill if necessary.
  • Once everyone has left, log off of WorldShare and shut down both circ computers.
  • Turn off all lights.