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Library Student Assistants: Library Services

Guest Wifi Password

If guests want wifi, have them connect using "Guest_Wifi." It will prompt users for a valid email. If their MAC address is that of a faculty/student it won't work. (This only goes to actual guests. Students and faculty must use the UD_WiFi.) 

Guest login for public computers (from HelpDesk 7/27/2023) 

Login: .\ud

Password: ud

Copiers & Printer

  • The first floor copier on the left is a photocopier and fax machine. 
  • The computers in the library print to the copier on the right as a default.
  • The laser printer next to the print release computer is a color printer.       
  • The student must log into the print release computer to release prints. 
  • Public patrons cannot print or copy.


There are 5 library scanners available for UD students, faculty, & staff to use. These are located near Sylvia’s, in Library 106, and in the lower level. Instructions for scanning are available next to each scanning computer and on the library’s website at:

Scanning from any of the large printer/copiers is also available. Directions on how to copy are available hanging off the front of each machine.


Faxes are done through the left copier (LIB 11). 

  • Faxes are free.
  • To send a fax:
    • Select the fax menu
    • Place sheets into the top tray, face up.
    • Dial 1, then the fax number
    • Wait while the fax processes and gives the message that it was sent
  • To receive a fax:
    • The library does not receive faxes for students. Refer them to the Student Life department.

Mango--Learning a Language


All articles and documents for reserve are submitted to E-Reserves.  These documents can be accessed on the instructor’s Moodle class page. 

-Bring all article and document requests to the Circulation Supervisor to process.  Be sure to include the instructor’s name, class number, class name, & any deadlines for class purposes. If possible, have the instructor fill out an e-reserve request form. These are located by the front door on the Circulation Desk counter by the security gates as well as on the library's webpage at:

Interlibrary Loan & E-Delivery

Interlibrary Loan - used to request materials UD doesn't own

A free service by which library staff get materials (books and articles) from other libraries for UD faculty, staff, and students. Articles can be requested online and are provided electronically.. Books or other physical materials are mailed to our library.. Patrons are notified via UD email when items are available. Interlibrary Loan and e-delivery are not available for non-UD patrons.

E-delivery Service - used to request scanning/delivery of library materials.

  • Articles or portions of library or Interlibrary Loan books can be scanned and sent to your Illiad account
  • Fill out a request form at the Circulation Desk or Reference Desk.
  • Drop off the completed form with your item at the Circulation Desk (check-out)
  • Receive an e-mail when your article is ready to view

Archives/Special Collections

  • Refer all questions to Christopher Doll (x3215) or Mallary Sturtz (x3778) or
  • If patrons want to donate something to the archives, they must do so via Chris or Mallary. DO NOT ACCEPT DONATIONS AT CIRCULATION.
  • William C. Brown, William J. Petersen, & Walter F. Peterson Collections
    • These collections are indicated in the catalog with WCB, WJP or WFP before the call number. These are non-circulating collections in the Special Collections Room in the Lower Level. If anyone needs access to these collections, ask your supervisor. 

Services not offered

  • Lamination > Refer to Copyworks off-campus.
  • Large print jobs for individual students or faculty/staff > Refer to Print Room/Post Office in Heritage Center for faculty & student organization leaders. Individual students with large print jobs will need to go off campus (Copyworks).
  • Checking out laptops/projectors for outside of library use or for a scheduled time > Refer to HelpDesk (563-589-3737).
  • Headphones for leisure > Refer to Convenience Store for headphone purchase.

Media Room

Media Rooms
  • Student may use the Media Rooms on 2nd floor of the library (L207, L210, L211) on a first-come, first-served basis. Academic uses of the Media Room take priority. Instructions for using equipment are posted in the room. Remotes for these rooms are available for check out in the top drawer at Circ.

Study Rooms

  • Study rooms cannot be reserved. We do not have white board markers for check out/use.
  • Three individual study rooms have tablets for use in them. If patrons require a keyboard for the tablet, they are available for in-house use/check out in Jaimie's office.


Delivering Materials

Faculty and staff can request to have library items delivered to their offices.

Wireless Printing

Students can print from laptops/tablets in the library! Here are directions:
1. Go to & log in.
2. Upload file & choose printer.
3. Use the print release stations as normal.
(Color printers not available for wireless printing. Only the 3 large CANON printers are available--the 2 on the 1st floor and 1 on the 2nd floor outside the ASC.)

Print directions are located at both the Circulation Desk and Reference Desk.