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Chlapaty & Butler Fellows: Grad School & Associations

Entrance Exam Prep

Associations and Conferences

All Fields

Membership FREE for UD students since UD is a member institution. Open to all students & faculty, regardless of gender. Support, mentoring, conferences, and funding opportunities.


Career, membership, and news information.

Fellowships and professional development institutes, awards and travel grants, career and membership information.

Tips for conference presentations, information about funding sources & career development.‚Äč


Tips for attending conferences/presenting, resources for research & grad school planning, including funding sources.


Student journal, leadership opportunities, and funding sources.

Job postings, conferences, and journal publication.


Competitions, grant funding, conferences, and resources.

Publish Journal of Research in Science Teaching.

Environmental Science

Career & professional development resources. Interdisiplinary in nature.

Structured career development, awards/scholarships.

Education & career resources.

Career, funding, and research opportunities.


Creators of Black History Month.

Research data using NCAA statistics.

Publish Journal of Sport History. Membership & convention information.


Publish International Journal of Children's Spirituality.

Publish Journal of Youth & Theology.


Internships, grad school resources, & career exploration.

Information about free membership, ways to connect with other students, & funding sources.

Sociology/Criminal Justice

Career resources & graduate school information.

Conferences & networking opportunities.

Student membership, internships, funding sources.