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SOC335: Social Research: Historical Research

Historical, Quantitative, or Qualitative?

  • Historical
  • Quantitative
  • Qualitative


Need more help to tell the difference between qualitative and quantitative? This guide from Xavier lays it out in graph form.

Where to Find Articles

Each database is going to have a different focus and strength. To be succesful, you are going to have to try more than one of these.

How to Find Books

UD Catalog

Enter term(s)

Advanced Search

Need a refresher on how to use the catalog? Check out this video.

Form to fill out before next time

How to Proceed

Citation Tools & Managers

Anatomy of a citation - APA

BEAM Spectrum

The BEAM spectrum is a way to think about how you can use sources for your project. Typically historical research uses more of the background and method type of articles. Evidence and argument typically fall under quantitative and qualitative. Use this spectrum to think about how you can use this research to answer your research question.


Research question formula

I-Spy Activity

Summarize the image in 1-2 sentences. Your goal is to describe this as if the person you're talking to has never seen this image.