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HWS280: Sports Marketing: Home

Where and how to find articles!

  • Because this database is sport-based, you'll need to search more than just the sport. What aspect of the sport are you focusing on?
  • Use the Subject Terms or Thesaurus to locate more terms to search. These terms are "controlled vocabulary." That means there are specific terms and phrases used to describe something. They may be used to cover a variety of similar phases or topics. These may also be scientific, medical, or discipline-based terminology.
  • Read the abstract before reading (or requesting) the entire article.
  • Looking for just scholarly works? Select the "Peer Reviewed" option or "Journal Article" as the Publication Type on the limiters on the left side of the results screen.

Parts of a scholarly article about an experiment

Different Source Types for Different Purposes

Searching SPORTDiscus

Academic Search Premier is a general database that contains both popular and scholarly articles from a variety of disciplines and sources. Great place to start if you need to confirm the viability of a topic.

The tips in this video will apply to most other EBSCO databases as well, including SocINDEX, ERIC, , and more. Subject specific databases like those may have some special features like unique limiters, but otherwise they will function the same way. The name of the database will be listed above the search bar: