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HWS280: Sports Marketing: Conference Presentation

Indiana University Libraries Information Literacy Colloquium

“What I wish I’d known”:

Upperclassmen coaching first-year Health, Wellness and Sport majors toward the research finish line 

University of Dubuque Spartans


Librarians Trading Card



Becky Canovan


Katelyn Wolff

Strengths: Relationships with students, active non-traditional instruction, successfully co-taught instruction previously, sports fan.

Skills required: flexibility, ability to coordinate chaos, knowledge of the assignment/course, fearlessness, and a sense of humor.

Potential Fumbles

  • Should the guide be built in real time or will we take suggestions and build the guide later?
  • What if we don't get to building their LibGuide?
  • Will students play along?
  • How much will students remember from HWS100?
  • What if they don't remember the resources previously used?


  • Sequenced courses
  • Same professor
  • Same students
  • Same librarians
  • Same assignment
  • Absent professor
  • Way to ease into the semester

Coaching Staff

Dr. Kevin Cattani

Assistant Professor of Sports Marketing & Management

Strengths: Willing to trust librarians with classes, coaching atmosphere created in the classroom

Skills: Strong assignment with clear objectives and requirements, high expectations for students

Students Trading Card

1919 University of Dubuque Football Squad

  • many student athletes
  • experienced HWS instruction
  • willing to play along
  • successfully accomplished assignment in HWS100
  • students in varying skill levels
  • IL skills in Core courses

Courses taken: HWS100, HWS105, COM101, ENG101


Incorporating the Revised IL Standards

HWS280 students will brainstorm IL skills they needed when completing the Journal Article review assignment in HWS100. These skills will become the content of a LibGuide for current HWS100 students attempting to complete the assignment. This activity will evoke several aspects of the new IL standards framework: scholarship is a conversation, searching as exploration, authority is contextual and constructed, and research as inquiry.

Incorporating Metaliteracy

  • Students are creators and consumers of the content
  • Students are interacting with the information through multiple formats
  • Critical thinking, self-reflection, and metacognition will be evoked as students consider previously learned IL skills and how they applied them to the assignment as well as their own learning process. 

Lesson Plan

75 minute class

35-40 minutes:

  • Brainstorm journal article review assignment
    • What you had to know how to do to complete assignment in HWS100
    • What will be helpful or what did you actually use for the assignment?
      • LibGuide building activity in small groups

15-20 minutes:

  • Brainstorm what HWS280 students need now for journal article review and the rest of the assignments for the class

10-15 minutes:

  • Introduce Business Insights Global database


Touchdown: Benefits for Students, Instructor, and Librarians

  • HWS100 students will gain knowledge deemed necessary for success by their upper-level peers
  • Leverage students' prior knowledge through creating the new LibGuide
  • Will ask students to think critically about their own learning style
  • Students will gain ownership over their own education
  • Instruction will review the same skills, while appearing different
  • Librarians and instructor will see student strengths as well as areas requiring additional information
  • Librarians will get feedback on instruction and previously created LibGuides
  • Instructor receives feedback regarding assignment from librarians and students

*LibGuide is not a substitution for instruction*

Locker Room Celebration

Assessment: Week 8 of the semester with the HWS100 students

  • What did you use for your Journal Article Review assignment?
  • What information was helpful on the guide?
  • What would be helpful to add?

Closing the Loop: Giving Feedback to HWS280 Students & Tentative Mentor in HWS100 from HWS280

  • Makes connections between the information on the LibGuide and the students that created the content
  • Forges relationships between students at various levels of the major

Next week's game plan

The 3 Sport Athlete: Applying this Activity to Other Disciplines

  • Scale back activity to a unit: Have students brainstorm needed skills at the beginning of the unit, create the guide, and then reflect on useful tips and new knowledge at the end of the unit
  • Keep the LibGuide as a working document, allowing students to add tips or skills for fellow classmates as the unit or semester goes on
  • 3 tab approach: faculty, librarian, and student designated resources
  • Create a tab for students in already existing instruction/guides
  • Broaden to non-technology approaches: student-designed instruction and module-structured stations