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COM357: Professional Business Communication: Speaking

Selected Resources

Persuasive Speech: Tips

  • —Don’t wait until the last minute!
  • This type of speech is about crafting your argument. Do you have enough evidence to support your case?
  • Identify potential gaps in your argument. How can you fill them? What kinds of information will give your audience the facts they need to understand your case?
  • Are there specific resources that will strengthen your case? Do you have the data that explains costs, market comparisons, product/service details, etc.? Where might this data come from?
  • —Think of the speech like a paper. Have a point and some structure.
  • —Write an outline (even if it’s not required!)
  • —Keep focused on a point.
  • Consider the potential questions after the speech. What might your audience still want to know?
  • Practice makes perfect.

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