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COM357: Professional Business Communication: Presenting

Creating Powerpoints: Selected Titles

Presentation Tips

  • Time management. How much time does each slide take? How many slides is too many?
  • Slide design. Can you read the text on the background? Are the colors ok? Is the picture too big or too dominant? Are the text and images balanced?
  • Linking media. Did you hide the URL behind a text link? Did you pre-load any videos before you started? Did you double check to make sure a link still works?
  • Structure. Did you follow a coherent structure? Does each slide/point help you prove your argument? Can your audience identify your thesis?
  • Citation. Did you cite every quote, video, and image? Did you provide a references slide at the end? Remember a URL is not enough! 
  • Effective slides. Remember the slides are for both you AND the audience. Don't make it powerpoint karaoke. But it should be more than just a photo album.
  • Media. Is the media helping you prove your thesis? Do you explain it or just show it? Is the amount of media balanced with the amount of text and explanation?

Subject Headings

Below are a few subject headings to browse the catalog. In addition to your class texts, these resources may help you strategize your presentation and pull together an effective PowerPoint.