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NRS401: Nursing Research Utilization: Poster Assignment

Poster Specifications, Logos, & Template

- Posters must be no larger than 36” x 24”

- Must include a reference list (in APA format)

- Must include a title

- Must include student(s) names (Jane Doe BSN Student)

- Must include course number and name

- Must include instructor(s) name

- Must include Apex and UD logos. 

Frequently Asked Questions

These questions are commonly asked by the audience:

  1. Tell me about your project.
  2. Did any of your findings/results/research surprise you? Why?
  3. Why did you pick this topic? What interests you about this topic?
  4. Tell me one thing you learned that is NOT on you poster.

Poster Visual Tips

For poster design tips, see How to Design and Print a Poster with Powerpoint (Brockport State University of New York).

Find examples of Apex posters in Digital UD.

Additional Tips:

- Align your text to the left to ensure that lines don't break in the middle of words.

- For typeface sizes, aim for: Title 72-120pt., Subtitle 48-80pt., Section Headings 36-72pt., Body Text 24-48pt., and Image Captions 18-24pt.

- There are various PowerPoint templates available online for poster presentations, including a few at this Microsoft link (tip: search "conference poster" for templates. If you use a template you find online from another person or institution, include a small note about the template source.

- There should be logical flow between sections. A standard arrangement is columns followed top to bottom and left to right. Try something like this:

Poster Design Tutorials

This is a series of brief tutorial videos meant to get you started with creating your posters. For additional help, you may contact me directly at or through MS Teams. For immediate help, start a video call with our virtual reference team, available Monday through Friday 8:00am-8:00pm and Saturday 8:00am-4:00pm.

Poster Sizing & Written Content

Images & Figures