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YA Book Club: Past Books

YA Book Club

Check Out Past Book Club Choices

Would you like to read any of the past book club choices? Use this guide to find out where each book is located in the library! Need help finding a particular book? Ask a librarian! 

Spring 2023 Ace of Spades

2020 I Am The Messenger

February 2016 Pirate Cinema

October 2016 Ready Player One

September 2015 Paper Towns

April 2014 March

March 2014 Hold Me Closer, Necromancer

April 2013 Chopsticks

April 2012 The Arrival

October 2011 The Hunger Games

Spring 2022 Damsel

2017 Firebug

March 2016 Cinder

November 2016 Let It Snow

November 2015 All American Boys

September 2014 Fangirl

February 2013 The List

October 2013 Divergent

October 2012 The Fault in our Stars

Fall 2021 Dry

March 2017 Code Name Verity

April 2016 The Shadow Hero

February 2015 Feed

December 2015 Dash & Lily's Book of Dares

November 2014 Amy & Roger's Epic Detour

March 2013 The Scorpio Races

March 2012 Beauty Queens

November 2012 Ashfall