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YA Book Club: 2014 Fangirl

YA Book Club

Sept/Oct 2014

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Rainbow answers questions all about Fangirl!

Fangirl gets it's own fangirls!



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Discussion Questions

  • What did you think of the fanfic sections? Did they help or hinder the plot? Distract or complement?
  • Who would you rather room with? Reagan? Cath? Wren? Courtney? Levi? Nick?
  • What did you make of her dad? How would you have dealt with it?
  • Was what Nick did wrong? Where is the line between individual work and group work?
  • Is fan fiction plagiarism? Should Cath have handed it in for her writing assignment?
  • Have you done any writing? Are you like Cath where creating new worlds is difficult? Or is creating worlds easy
  • Do you relate more to Wren or Cath? Why?
  • Professor Piper asks the class why do you write fiction. I couldn't help but think many of their answers are exactly why I read fiction. Why do you read?
  • What is your equivalent of an Emergency Kanye Dance Party?

"Walking to class, Cath couldn't shake the feeling that she was pretending to be a college student in a coming-of-age movie." (15)

"In new situations, all the trickiest rules are the ones nobody bothers to explain to you. (And the ones you can't google.)" (15)