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YA Book Club: 2014 March

YA Book Club

April 2014

The Civil Rights: film covering the whole process

Discussion Questions

  • Have you read a graphic novel before? How about historical fiction?
  • How much of the civil rights movement depicted in the book did you know about prior to reading it?
  • How would the book have been different if illustrated in color?
  • Do you think the "frame" of him telling his story to 2 young boys the day of Obama's inauguration is effective? Distracting? Important?
  • Have you ever had to stand up for your beliefs?
  • This is our first non-fiction book in book club. What do you think? Is it different than you expected?
  • Would you pick up this book/story if it weren't a graphic novel?
  • Why was the chicken story so important?
  • What were the striking images for you?
  • Will you read books 2 & 3?