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Archives: Area Colleges/Seminaries

Print and digital resources for helping with archives requests related to Presbyterian church records and genealogy.


Loras College History:

Institution Names of the Past:

Loras College: 1939 to current

Columbia College: 1920 to 1939

Dubuque College: 1914 to 1919

St. Joseph College: 1873 to 1914

Mt. St. Bernard Seminary: 1850 to 1860 (Closed 1860? Unclear what name was used 1860-1873...)

St. Raphael Seminary: 1839 (founded) to 1850

To Know: Catholic, at times male-only, when the name "Dubuque College" was used (causing confusion with UD), local newspapers sometimes referred to this as "the 14th St. institution”.

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Clarke University History:

Institution Names of the Past:

Clarke University: 2010 to current

Clarke College: 1928 to 2010

Mount Saint Joseph College and Academy: 1881 to 1928

Saint Joseph Academy: 1868 to 1881

Saint Mary’s Female Academy: 1843 to 1868

To Know: Catholic, at times female-only, at times "St. Joseph" names were in use at overlapping times for Loras College.

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Wartburg Seminary History:

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To Know: Lutheran, in Dubuque in the 1850s - then out of town for years, back to Dubuque in 1916.

Dubuque Higher Ed. Groups

STD: In 1969, the Schools of Theology of Dubuque (STD) cooperative program began between UD, Wartburg Theological Seminary (Lutheran), and the Aquinas Institute (Catholic) at 2570 Asbury Road. Various cooperation between the three schools had been going on since the early 1960s. UD merged its seminary library with Aquinas. In 1981 Aquinas left the group and moved to Missouri, taking its library. In the summer of 1981 Wartburg moved its library to 2570 Asbury Road and started a shared library agreement with UD. In the summer/fall 1982, UD moved its seminary and library back to the UD campus from 2570 Asbury Road. Wartburg also moved back to its Dubuque campus that year. The libraries for the two schools continued to be linked in various ways until 2003, although they were physically separated. The seminaries continued various cooperative programs. In June 1983, Emmaus Bible College purchased the property at 2570 Asbury Road. We have various records related to STD in the archives.

TCCE: In 1969 Clarke College (today Clarke University), Loras College, and UD formed the Tri-College Cooperative Effort, which promoted sharing curriculum and faculty. Various related records are in the UD archives.

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