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HWS421: Sports Law and Ethics: Journal Article Review and Legal Issue Paper

Primary Sources

Court case specific resources

Sports Specific Legal Resources

Reading and citing court cases

Sports movie assignment do I read this stuff?

Here are a few tips about reading those scholarly articles you found. Most important? Remember reading front to back is for novels and mysteries! Don't be afraid to read out of order.

Label the article parts
Start with the abstract—it should unlock the rest of the article
Read back to front.
Figure out what they found out first, then figure out how they got there
If the graphs don’t make sense, ignore them and read their explanation of the graphs instead.
Look up words you don't know
Summarize as you read--it saves time.

For more tips about reading scholarly sources, see the Reading Resources research guide, available at:

Secondary Resources

Sports Litigation Alert

Find a case in Sports Litigation Alert. Then find the full-text in Lexis-Nexis or Court Listener. Access the current issues of the Sports Litigation Alert. To access the archive, click here.

  • Use the Browse or Search features to locate cases and other issues by topic.
  • Use the alerts to identify cases, laws, and other policies. Then use the library databases, like Lexis/Nexis, to locate additional information.


Law Review & Law Journal Resources

Additional Law Review Journals

  • Marquette Sports Law Review (located in Law Review Commons)
  • Seton Hall Journal of Sports & Entertainment (located in Hein Online)
  • Sports Lawyers Journal (locatined in Hein Online)
  • Jeffrey S. Moorad Sports Law Journal--formerly the Villanova Sports & Entertainment Law Journal (located in Law Review Commons)
  • Virginia Sports and Entertainment Law Journal (located in Hein Online)

General Legal Resources

Legal Dictionaries

How to find an article full-text from a citation

  1. Determine what kind of source it is. Is it a book chapter? A journal article? 
  2. If it is a book, look in the catalog or WorldCat to see if we own it or if you need to Interlibrary Loan it.
  3. If it is an article, use the Journal List to search for the journal title to see which database it is in. If we don't own it, use Find It to request the title. If it's not in a database, use Interlibrary Loan to request the article.

Fletcher, G. P. (1998). The Fall and Rise of Criminal Theory. Buffalo Criminal Law Review, 1(2), 275-294.

Other sports specifics resources that might prove useful