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HWS421: Sports Law and Ethics: Case Briefs and Legal Resources

Primary Sources

Court case specific resources

Sports Specific Legal Resources

Secondary Resources

Sports Litigation Alert

Find a case in Sports Litigation Alert. Then find the full-text in Court Listener

  • Under the Sports Litigation Alert menu, select Back Issues.
  • Use the Browse or Search features to locate cases and other issues by topic.
  • Use the alerts to identify cases, laws, and other policies. 


Law Review & Law Journal Resources

Additional Law Review Journals

  • Marquette Sports Law Review (located in Law Review Commons)
  • Seton Hall Journal of Sports & Entertainment (located in Hein Online)
  • Sports Lawyers Journal (locatined in Hein Online)
  • Jeffrey S. Moorad Sports Law Journal--formerly the Villanova Sports & Entertainment Law Journal (located in Law Review Commons)
  • Virginia Sports and Entertainment Law Journal (located in Hein Online)

General Legal Resources

Legal Dictionaries

Other sports specifics resources that might prove useful