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ENG104: Introduction to Research Writing: Reading Sources

Reading sources in order to write a paper uses a different strategy than reading something for fun. They don't need to be read front to back. Use the strategies and skills outlined below to better approach sources for research.

Step 1: Video

This video will go over strategies for reading for scholarly articles. It will help you identify important sections when researching to help you read your articles efficiently!

Reading Scholarly Articles

Step 2: Graphics

Scroll through the images below to learn about how to approach reading different types of scholarly articles. There are quite a few ways to categorize scholarly articles, but one easy way to determine the best strategy is to decide whether or not your article contains an experiment or study in it or not. These two examples below will show you how to approach each type.


Review of Scholarly Articles

Step 3: Activity

Use the appropriate worksheet below to guide your reading of a scholarly article. First determine which worksheet to use. You can do this by looking for a Methods or Methodology section. Only articles discussing an experiment or study will have those. Use the categories to help you unlock these articles.