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LIFE Student Library Orientation: Citations

Get to know the library's resources & services. We're here to help!

Anatomy of a citation--article

APA guides

LIFE program classes with typically use APA as the citation style of choice. In Fall 2019, a new version of APA was released called APA7. Some of your classes might still be using APA6, while others are using APA7. Luckily they aren't terribly different, but we do have resources for both versions available for you to use. (You'll also note on the APA7 guide, there is a short overview of major changes between the two versions.)

Getting citations from databases

Many of our library databases will provide citations in APA format for you. This is a great way to start your citations. Just remember that the databases aren't as smart or sophisticated as you are. We suggest getting a citation from the database and then checking it against one of our guides. This is especially true as some of the databases have updated to APA 7, while some are still defaulting to APA 6. Check out the link below for directions on how to get a formatted citation from all of our most popular databases.