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REL110 (LIFE Section): Articles


  • Keep track of your results.  Print, save, or email in APA format!
  • Use keyword searching (not natural language)
  • Use subject terms to narrow
  • Use abstracts to determine relevance
  • What if full-text isn’t there?  Use the "Find It " Button to locate the article in another database, have the library scan a copy for you (E-Delivery), etc. 
  • Can usually limit by: full-text, type of source (magazine, newspaper, academic/scholarly journal), date, etc.

Databases to find articles

Use the library's databases for electronic access to article citation information (author, title, etc.) & some full-text.  Use the following databases to find articles on your topics.

How do I save/print/cite an article?

Scholarly Periodicals

Written by experts for experts
•Peer reviewed
•Written by professors, researchers, graduate students
•Articles are long, often technical or difficult
•Many bibliographies
•Few pictures except graphs and diagrams
•Print editions: Matte paper
•Few if any advertisements