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How Do I?: Registering for Interlibrary Loan

Video and text directions to some of our FAQs

Text Directions - Registering for Interlibrary Loan

Starting from the Library Homepage, scroll down to 'Additional Resources,' and select 'Interlibrary Loan/E-Delivery.'

This Interlibrary Loan/E-Delivery webpage will provide more information about our Interlibrary loan services. Select 'ILLiad Interlibrary Loan System.' ILLiad is the online portal we use at UD to request materials from other libraries. 


Selecting 'ILLiad Interlibrary Loan System' will take you to the ILLiad Logon Screen so you can sign into your ILLiad account. You sign-in using your UD username (the first portion of your UD email) and your UD password. 

Once you've signed in, you'll need to complete the New User Registration for ILLiad form. You'll need to provide information for each of the sections marked by a red asterisk. All of these sections need to be filled out or your ILLiad account will not be registered correctly and you won't be able to request ILL materials. When filling in the UD Email Address, please remember, it HAS to be your UD Email Address; you cannot add your personal email account. After this is complete, you can select 'Submit Information,' and your ILLiad account will be processed. 



Video Directions - Registering for Interlibrary Loan