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EDU204: Characteristics of Learners with Disabilities: Trends Project

Quick Links

National Center on Educational Outcomes:

National Resource Center on Learning Disabilities:


Trend: Disability Studies

Society for Disability Studies:

Disability Studies Quarterly (free journal of Society for Disability Studies):

Trend: Response to Intervention (RTI)

National Center on Response to Intervention:

Trend: Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

National Center on Universal Design for Learning:

Center for Applied Special Technology (CAST):


Trends Project Tips

  • Source quality is key.  Scholarly journal articles are required.

  • Part of the goal is for you to improve your research skills, in addition to learning about the topics. Notice there is an entire rubric about this!

  • Read the rubrics carefully & follow them!

  • Narrow down your topic. Do you want to investigate your selected trend as it relates to a particular age group?  Or a certain disability?

    • Example:  Searching ERIC, the education database, for "disability studies" returned 187 results. Limiting the same search to Elementary Education returns only 8 results.

    • See the Research Tools & Tips tab above for searching suggestions!