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COM210: Interpersonal Communication: Brainstorming

Suggested Research Steps

 1. Concept-map the relationship you selected as a case study, including relevant IPC theories and other concepts from your textbook.

2. Browse non-scholarly articles to get more ideas to add to your concept-map.

3. Brainstorm keywords to use in searching for scholarly theories. See Finding Articles tab above for tips.  

Use keywords relating to specific behaviors, IPC theories, and context/type of relationship (workplace, marriage, etc.)

4. Search for scholarly sources about scholarly theories. If you're lucky, you might find scholarly articles about your case study. If you don't, it's up to you to make the connections between the theories addressed in the articles and your case study.  

Remember, the secondary sources you use should tell you something NEW about the theories and concepts, beyond what you learned in class.   

Brainstorming Example

Sample Topic: Dwight and Jim

Dwight and Jim