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SCJ212: Criminal Procedure: Home

The situation

During the early morning hours two police officers could hear loud music coming from a vehicle parked on the street in a high-crime area. The drove by the vehicle and then returned and observed the registered owner standing next to the vehicle. Officer Smith approached the owner and Officer Wesson made contact with a person sitting in the passenger seat. Officer Wesson requested identification from the passenger. The passenger was reaching toward the console and Officer Wesson testified that the person was trying to hide or retrieve something from that area. The passenger was again asked for identification. The passenger leaned forward and reaching for his left. The person was ordered out of the vehicle and handcuffed. At this point Officer Wesson saw a partially consumed bottle of an alcoholic beverage in the area where the person had been seated. Officers searched the vehicle and discovered in the center compartment of the car a cup with an alcoholic beverage and a loaded handgun.

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How to cite court cases in APA

The reference citation should look like the following: Name v. Name, Case Number (Court Abbreviation Year).

So this citation would be: Illinois v. Lidster, 540 U.S. 419 (U.S. 2004). In text, you would use (Lidster, 2004).

Here's where you find those pieces on your LEXIS document.:



For your court abbreviation, does your court name have a state in it? Click here to find the abbreviation. If it doesn't, click here to find it.

Did you find your case somewhere other than Lexis?? Contact Becky for help finding the pieces you can't locate.