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NRS307: Nursing Care of the Adult Population I: Finding Sources

In class activity


Search Tips

  • Use the subject headings (i.e.  Headings, MeSH [Medical Subject Headings]) to find out the official terminology. 
  • Advanced Search limit options include:  Articles in which any author is a nurse, nursing journal subset, patient demographics (age, sex)
  • Use "Find It" button to find full-text
  • Child*: Finds child, children, childhood, etc.
  • *natal:  Finds prenatal, antenatal, postnatal, etc.
  • Quotation marks:  Finds phrases e.g. “acute pain” ; (AND is the default)
  • Plurals: Are found automatically, e.g. hand finds hand or hands

Database Tutorials

Need help searching the databases? No worries! Here are a few tutorials to help navigate your searches:

  • Basic Searching:
  • Advanced Searching:
  • Cochrane Library Searching:
  • *Note only the Systematic Reviews are available in full text in Cochrane