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HWS615: Contemporary Issues in Sports Law & Risk Management: Free legal resources

Legal Research Strategies

Hi everyone! It's Becky. Sad we don't get to hang out face-to-face, but know that I'm still here to help you out with research.The tab at the top has a link to our online reference help. There you can get help via chat, audio, or video all from the same link. It works for computers and on your phone. Before we jump in just a few legal research strategies:

  • Find secondary sources that interpret the impact of the law/case first, then find the case
  • Know the name of the case or law & which jurisdiction it is from
  • Use a legal dictionary
  • Recognize that not every situation has exact law or case that match. Much of legal research is finding similar situations and connecting them together.
  • State/local resources will differ greatly, but strategies are similar

Click here to watch a quick video that will introduce you to doing legal research utilizing freely available resources: Video Tour of Resources

Secondary Resources

Law Review & Law Journal Resources

Additional Law Review Journals

  • Marquette Sports Law Review (located in Law Review Commons)
  • Jeffrey S. Moorad Sports Law Journal--formerly the Villanova Sports & Entertainment Law Journal (located in Law Review Commons)

Subscription Databases

Subject Guide

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Primary Sources

State Specific Legal Resources

Court case specific resources

Sports Specific Legal Resources

General Legal Resources

Legal Dictionaries