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HWS100: Introduction to Health, Wellness, & Sport: Finding an article

How to get started on the Journal Article Review

Hi everyone! It's Becky. Sad we don't get to hang out face-to-face, but know that I'm still here to help you out with this class in any way I can. Just a few things to start. I split up the page into three sections: Finding an article, Reading an article, and Citing an article. It also has a link to our online reference help. There you can get help via chat, audio, or video all from the same link. It works for computers and on your phone.

Want to hear my voice instead? Check out this video to get a brief tour of the libguide: Video Tour


What am I looking for?

Your article for the journal article review assignment must be a scholarly journal article that is an experimental study.

How do you tell if it's scholarly?

  • Make sure it isn't from ESPN, Sports Illustrated, or look like it's from a magazine
  • Look for the author's affiliation to determine their expertise areas.
  • Check that it has a list of references
  • Google the name of the journal to see if it's a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal

How do you tell if it has an empirical study?

  • Look for phrases like "the purpose of this study" or "a study was conducted" in the abstract on the results page.
  • Make sure your article has section headers that include a methods, results, and discussion section.
  • Other indications include looking for words like surveyed, tested, or mention of how many or who were the 'subjects.'
  • Avoid articles that talk about "literature studied," "meta-analysis," "case study," or the authors simply looking at other people's studies of the issue. This means they didn't do an experiment; they just looked at other people's. This will not work for this assignment.

If you're not sure if your article works, email the full-text of the article to Becky ( to ask.