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Search tips

  • Searching for a specific year is effective. However searching for a decade or range of time is really difficult. This is because the computer programs are looking for an exact match to whatever you type, so if you search 1960s but the author says sixties, or even 60s, it won't return as a a positive result. If you're searching for an era, you're more likely to be successful searching for the name of it like Victorian Era or The Great Depression. 
  • When searching for people, use quotation marks around their name to get the system to search for the name as a phrase. Also be sure to check if their are alternate spellings of a person's name. 
  • Keep in mind that place names have also changed throughout history. You may need to search for both the contemporary name as well as the historical place name. 

Places to search

Retrieving e-books vs print books

If you found an E-book - Just click on the "access online" button from the catalog.  If you are unsure how to get to the full text check out this guide.  

If you found a print book - First check to see if it is available.  To locate it in the library you will need to know both the collection and the call number.  

Getting the full text

Found an article you like, but no full text?

We can still get it for you!  First click Find it @ UD