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INTL115: World Geography: Country Profile Resources

Where to start and what's here

There are video & screenshot tutorials to show you how to find the information you need when you actually start your project. The left column has sources to find data and stats about your country. The right two columns have news sources, split up by region to help you find more information about your country. Also the tabs above this box can help you with writing and citations. It also has a link to our online reference help. There you can get help via chat, audio, or video all from the same link. It works for computers and on your phone.

Want to hear my voice instead? Check out this video to get a brief tour of the libguide: Tour of the research guide

Country resources from the library

Finding scholarly/academic sources

Using your textbook is a great place to start for academic sources. Also, any of the links in the "Country resources from the library" box below are a good start. You can also try the databases linked in this box. 

European Union News Sources

Russia & Former Soviet Republics News Sources

Middle East & North Africa News Sources

India & Southeast Asia News Sources

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