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HIST121: World Civilization I: Home

Folio Books

Folio books are those coffee table sized books located at the back of the short shelves by the elevator on first floor. They tend to be lots of pictures or drawings. You can check them out and take them with you.

Books on the tall shelves

Books in this box are available for checkout. You can find them on the tall shelves on first and third floor. If the call number is A-K it's on first floor, otherwise it's upstairs near the fireplace.

Online stuff

Visual Searching

Finding Articles--General

Library search engines (databases) are a great place to find scholarly journal articles or other sources for your paper. Each search engine has a different flavor/subject area it covers. If the full text isn’t right there, click the Find It button. If we don’t have the article, you can request it from another library by clicking the “get this article or book chapter” link. (The turnaround time on this is usually about 2 days.)