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HIST122: World Civilization II: Secondary Sources

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Scanning of book chapters

Did you know that the library staff will scan and email a chapter* of a book for you? We will! It's simple. Just find the book you need, print and fill out this form and drop the book and the slip off with the student at the front (circulation) desk. We'll do the scanning and send a copy to your email. It's that simple. 

*up to 10% of a book. Any more than that and it's a copyright issue for us.

General Dubuque History Resources

WWI/Anti-German Sentiment

WWII Era Prejudice and ties to Japan

Women's Etiquette

Vietnam – UD Reactions to Kent State & related incidents


Immigration since 1950

Navy V-12 Program


Immigration pre-1950

Women in Higher Education/Early Women at UD

UD Radio Station

Publishing History at UD