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REL110: Judeo-Christian Journeys (Beverly): Citations

All those citation styles!

The library has created cheat sheets with basic citation examples and paper formatting tips for MLA.

More Citation Examples & Tools

Citing religious texts (ie. Bible, Koran, etc.)

In-text citation examples (cite version & book/chapter/verse):

Ezekiel saw "what seemed to be four living creatures" (New Jersusalem Bible, Ezek. 1.5-10).

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God" (John 1:1 NIV). <--- (This example uses the Bible version/translation in abbreviated form after the book/chapter/verse. Use whichever of these 2 Bible citation examples is most comfortable for you & be consistent. Prof. Beverly will accept either.)

"And indeed, your Lord will gather them; indeed, He is Wise and Knowing" (Quran: The Final Testament, Al-Hijr 15.25).


Works Cited list example (cite edition you used):

The New Jerusalem Bible. Henry Wansbrough, gen. ed. New York: Doubleday, 1985. Print.

Quran: The Final Testament [Authorized English Version]. Trans. Rashad Khalifa. Rev. III ed. Fremont: Universal Unity, 2001. Print.


Modified from: MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers. MLA: New York, 2009. Print. p. 227-228.

Hutchins Library, Berea College.

Why are citations important?