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UDTH206: Costume Design & Makeup for Stage: Finding Criticism

What is a Critic?

Critics are considered experts in their field. In this case, the field is art history. Here are a few guidelines that qualifies someone as an expert:

  • A person that has a degree in their field (in most cases this will be a Ph.D.)
  • A person that continually studies and publishes about aspects in their field
  • Opinions and ideas expressed in publications are supported by research or evidence
  • Publications by this person are published scholarly articles and are peer-reviewed (checked for accuracy by other members in their field)

Search Tips

Here are a few things to try when searching:

  • Start by searching the title of your work:
    • Use the exact title
    • Remember to use quotes around the title. This gives you more accurate results by pulling articles that include its title somewhere. Keep in mind that databases aren't perfect--you may have to sort through some of your results to find what you're looking for.
    • Not getting the correct adaptation or version? Try searching for title and author/writer.
  • Not able to find anything by searching for title? Try expanding your search and looking for the writer's name or the movement/era they are associated with. You may be able to find information about your particular work within a source that talks about the artists and or the movement in general.

Talking about sources

Source: Creative Commons License
What could a writer do with this source? by Kristin M. Woodward/Kate L. Ganski


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