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Academic Integrity: For Faculty


Selected Films


Faculty might consider incorporating one of more of these tutorials in their courses.

Discussion and Activity Ideas

Tips for Encouraging Integrity

  • Review and follow the institutional policy.
  • Help students focus on process. Require proposals, annotated bibliographies, annotated sources, drafts, peer/instructor conferences, or other evidence of work prior to a final product.
  • Require a reflective component, such as a research log or cover letter turned in with the final product, in which the student demonstrates and reflects on their learning throughout the process.
  • Change assignments each semester.
  • Understand the differences between intentional & unintentional plagiarism, as well as cultural differences in understanding of plagiarism, cheating, etc.
  • Explicitly teach about appropriate use of sources (ie. quoting, paraphrasing, citation). Students need direct instruction and practice with these skills. The Writing Center staff and librarians can assist.
  • Discuss how citation/source attribution is important in your discipline.
  • Be specific regarding source number and type required (ie. magazine articles, scholarly journal articles, book chapters, etc.)
  • Compare students' writing over time, including in-class writing.
  • See specific discussion ideas and activities below.

Selected Books (case studies)

Selected Books (teaching)