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Black Voices in Fiction: Children's

The Undefeated

CL Pic Ale93u 2019

Hair Love

CL Pic Che77h 2019

Last Stop on Market Street

CL Pic Del37l 2015

Thank You, Omu!

CL Pic Mor30t 2018

Ada Twist, Scientist

CL Pic Bea89a 2016

Pecan Pie Baby

CL Pic Woo37p 2010


CL Pic Ell56b 2008

Ellington Was Not a Street

CL 811.54 Sha54e 2004

As Brave As You

CL Fic Rey66a 2016

Harbor Me

CL Fic Woo33h 2018

The Season of Styx Malone

CL Fic Mag66s 2018

The Last Last-Day-of-Summer

CL Fic Gil47l 2019

Knock Knock

CL Pic Bea89k 2013

Missing Daddy

CL Pic Kab30m 2019

Segregation, Civil Rights

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