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Subject Guide

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Where to Find Resources

General Research tips:

  • Use quotation marks to search for a phrase i.e. "war of 1812"
  • Check your spelling because the library resources won't! And be careful of terms with multiple spellings.
  • Think about finding secondary sources to help too.
  • Get the citation information right away when you find the source. Save yourself the hassle of finding it later.
  • If the full text isn't right there, click the Find It button.
  • If we don't have the article, you can request it from another library by clicking the "get this article or book chapter" link. The turnaround time is usually about 2 days.

Wisconsin Apology

Other resources that might be useful

In-Class Presentation

Challenge Question Research Help

Click on the challenge question you have selected below to find research tips and hints. The databases/catalog are linked in a box on the left.


Role of Native Americans in War of 1812
a. Britannica Online – War of 1812 AND American Indian
Academic Search Premier – “War of 1812” + indians
JSTOR – “War of 1812” + name of tribe
Library Catalog – Subject – United States – History – War of 1812 
Alexis De Tocqueville's "Democracy in America"
a. Library Catalog- Democracy in America JK216 T713 2000 or 2004
Library Catalog- Cambridge Companion to Tocqueville – JC229 T8 C36 2006 
JSTOR – “Alexis De Tocqueville” + “democracy in America” + identity 
George Catlin and "moral rectitude"
a. Libary Catalog- Illustrations of the Manners, Customs,… E77 C38 1866 v. 1 and 2
Library Catalog- O-Kee-Pa: A Religious Ceremony. E99 M2 C3 1967
Library Catalog- First Artist of the West. ND237 C35 A4 1993
JSTOR – “George Catlin” 
Native Americans and gender relations
a. Library Catalog- A Companion to American Indian History. E77 C74 2002
Library Catalog- Women and Power in Native North America. E98 W8 W657 1995
Library Catalog- A to Z of Native American Women. E98 W8 565 1998 
Richard White and "The Middle Ground"
a. Library Catalog- The Middle Ground: Indians, Empires, and Repub. E99 A35 W48 1991 
Benedict Anderson's "Imagined Communities"
a. Library Catalog- Imagined communities : reflections on the origin and spread of nationalism JC 311 A656 2006
b. Academic Search Premier – “Imagined Communities” Benedict Anderson w/ the subject heading-Communities
JSTOR – “Imagined Communities,” “Benedict Anderson” 
Writers of the urban Northeast and national identity
Pick an author or artist first. Use JSTOR or Literature Resource Center to find secondary sources that help you determine which pieces of literature or art discuss Native Americans. Then go find the original work.
Cultural meaning of scalping
a. Credo – “Scalps and Scalping” – in Encyclopedia of North American Indians (1574 words)
JSTOR – “Scalping” The Unkindest Cut, or Who Invented Scalping (20p)
JSTOR – Warfare Among the Pueblos: Myth, History, and Ethnography
The Last of the Mohicans-Alice Munro's abuction
a. Library Catalog- The Last of the Mohicans. PS1408 A1 1951
i. Other copies are available in Leather Stocking Tales ed.
ii. Pages 185-195: search for Alice
iii. Pages 255-322: Alice’s abduction
b. LRC – “The Last of the Mohicans and the Sounds of Discord”
i. Keywords: The Last of the Mohicans, Abduction
c. LRC – “Anticipated Torments and Indian Tortures in ‘The Last of the Mohicans.’”
i. Keywords: Alice in The Last of the Mohicans
d. “Academic Search Premier – “The Last of the Mohicans”
i. Keywords: Daughters, The Last of the Mohicans
e. Academic Search Premier – “Cooper’s The Last of the Mohicans”
i. Keywords: Alice, Captive, Mohicans
Woodland Indian Trickster
a. Other names: Nanabozho, Nanabozhoo from Ojibwa and other Algonquian tribes
Credo- articles under both Nanabozho and Nanabush
Brittanica Online- article about trickster tales
Library Catalog- American Indian trickster tales. E98 F6 A48 1988
Library Catalog- American Indian Myths and legends E98 F6 A47 1984
Library Catalog- Spirits, heroes, and hunters from North America E98 F6 W83 1982
Leather Stocking Tales and "noble savage"
a. Library Catalog- Leather Stocking Tales PS 1402 L43 1985 (v. 1 and 2)
Academic Search Premier – “The Noble Eloquent Savage” by Sorber, E. 
c. Academic Search Premier – “History as Fiction, Fiction as History” by Redekop, E. 
Susan Scheckel's "Insistance of the Indian"
a. Library Catalog- The insistance of the Indian: race and nationalism in nineteenth-century American culture E 98 .P99 S34 1998
Dr. Oleson's article
a. Provided by your professor
b. LexisNexis- 
WI State Assembly Apology
a. PDF linked on this page
b. Online text- unofficial copy
c. LexisNexis- for reaction to other official apologies
Native American Social Justice Issue
a. Credo or Britannica- search for a Native American tribe from your hometown area first
b. JSTOR or Academic Search or SocINDEX- search the tribe name to see what articles or issues emerge