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What We Accept

We solicit scholarship and creative work done by faculty and staff from January 1-December 31, 2017. Scholarship includes publications such as books, book chapters, periodical articles, book reviews, web pages, etc. as well a dissertations, theses, conference papers, conference panels, and poster sessions. Creative work includes visual art, concerts, any performance, original composition, acting, directing, etc., including creative work done outside your field and not associated with your teaching duties.

To participate, please:

1. Email complete citations of your work to Molly Zogas.

2. Provide Molly Zogas (L200) with a copy or offprint of articles, books or book chapters, copies of conference papers (or Power Points, handouts, etc. from presentations), artwork, concert or play programs, etc. by January 12, 2018.

All material will be displayed at the reception and will be part of the UD Faculty/Staff Bibliography of Publications and Creative Work. Thank you for participating.