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Library Careers/Internships: Internships

Job Shadowing

Not sure yet if an internship is for you?  Try job shadowing a librarian or library staff member for an hour or two!

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Library Internship Program

Charles C. Myers Library provides unpaid internship opportunities for UD students, and interested students from other universities.  The library is a busy, vibrant place with creative staff who are leaders in service, teaching, technology, and scholarship. The library provides relevant learning experiences in particular for interns who are English, business, communication, computer science, and education majors; students with other majors are encouraged to participate as well.

Internships are available during fall and spring semesters as well as in the summer, with a maximum of two per term. Each student intern will be assigned a librarian as supervisor for the duration of the internship.

Why an internship? A library internship will provide you with:

  • a resume booster
  • valuable work experience
  • an opportunity to explore interests
  • project management experience
  • and lots more!

Want to find out more about library internships?  Contact Anne Marie to set up a meeting to discuss your interests!

Sample Projects

Internship projects will be customized and determined in partnership between the student and librarian based upon the student’s areas of interest.  Options may include, but are not limited to:

  • Job-shadowing librarians and paraprofessional staff with various responsibilities.
  • Observing and/or assisting with the information literacy program (library instruction), including in-person classes and online tutorials.
  • Observing and/or assisting with reference services.
  • Creating a bibliography of recommended materials in a subject area, given a small budget to purchase library materials in particular subject areas.
  • Creating bibliographies of existing library materials relating to particular topics.
  • Assisting with library marketing efforts and/or special events planning.
  • Assisting with organizing and/or digitizing materials from Archives and Special Collections.
  • Creating or updating a blog, wiki, or research guide in a subject area or on a topic.
  • Conducting focus groups to evaluate library services.
  • Participating in the library’s annual strategic planning process, including gathering statistical and descriptive data (summer interns only).


"My internship at the Charles C. Myers Library was an invaluable part of my library science education. I had the opportunity to see how a successful academic library functions and a glimpse of what it takes to make that happen. During my internship I knew that I was observing and participating in a busy, vibrant, innovative library and learning a lot. Now that I have started my first academic librarian position I am realizing even more fully what my internship taught me. Two lessons that I didn’t expect to learn about were how valuable work relationships are, and the importance of balancing life and work. Not only did I gain a practical library field experience and unexpected knowledge, but also library colleagues and friends."   -Jenny Parker

"I would recommend an internship experience at University of Dubuque’s Charles C. Myers Library to anyone interested in information, service, learning, teaching, or librarianship. I was provided a wide range of opportunities at UD that I would not have had anywhere else, including the honor of presenting at both national and state conferences. This abundance of opportunities and realistic experience played a huge part in my immediate employment upon completion of graduate school.  My internship experience connected me with an active network of library professionals (some of the most involved in the state) who have remained close friends. There’s something special happening in the Charles C. Myers Library at UD and I am so thankful to have been a part of it during my internship!  " -Cara Stone

"I truly can't say enough about my internship experience at the Charles C. Myers Library and its impact on my preparation for a career in librarianship. Even more powerful, though, at the time were the critical skills I gained to be competent and successful in any workplace immediately following my undergraduate work. I entered my first professional career in higher education with project management experience, effective workplace communication skills, an understanding of strategic planning, and an appreciation of collegial relationships and how to foster those connections. I would highly recommend pursuing an internship here if you are interested in librarianship, programming/instruction, technology, learning, or research. Think broadly about how you might bring your interests into the library. You'll be working with an amazing team of professionals who will support and encourage you to grow during your time in the library." -Emma Clausen



Where are they now?

Jenny Parker (graduate intern, spring & summer 2011): Clarke University, Reference & Instruction Librarian

Cara Stone (graduate intern spring 2011): Grandview University, Faculty Development & Instruction Librarian

Emma Clausen (undergraduate intern, summer 2009): Pierce College, Reference & Instruction Librarian

Jeraca Fite (undergraduate intern, fall 2009): East Moline Public Library, Young Adult Librarian