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There are many opportunities within the library field as well as many misconceptions on the roles of librarians. However, a librarian may work in a variety of different settings such as: public libraries, academic libraries, businesses, museums, businesses, etc. The information field encompasses many different institutions and librarians can be there to help in a variety of ways.

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What do librarians do all day?

Librarians select materials, assist with information queries, create programs to engage patrons, provide outreach, teach information literacy classes--just to name a few duties!

They must keep up with technology trends. Increasingly, librarians are reaching patrons (library lingo for "customer") on mobile devices, through IM, texting, and other methods.

Everyone who works in a library is a librarian, right?

No. This is a common misconception. There are various staff positions in most libraries. For example, Charles C. Myers Library has 10 full-time staff and 5 of them are librarians.

Do I need a Master's degree to work in a library?

Some library jobs require a Master's degree & other jobs do not. See this link from the American Library Association for more information about various library jobs & typical requirements for them.


The Non-Traditional Librarian

You'll find many librarians working outside of the traditional library. Here a few examples of the variety of careers in librarianship!