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ENG331: Global Literature: Presentation Resources

Organization and Presentation Tools to help you get started

Creating Powerpoints: Selected Titles

Presentation Tips

  • Time management. How much time does each slide take? How many slides is too many?
  • Slide design. Can you read the text on the background? Are the colors ok? Is the picture too big or too dominant? Are the text and images balanced?
  • Linking media. Did you hide the URL behind a text link? Did you pre-load any videos before you started? Did you double check to make sure a link still works?
  • Structure. Did you follow a coherent structure? Does each slide/point help you prove your argument? Can your audience identify your thesis?
  • Citation. Did you cite every quote, video, and image? Did you provide a references slide at the end? Remember a URL is not enough! 
  • Effective slides. Remember the slides are for both you AND the audience. Don't make it powerpoint karaoke. But it should be more than just a photo album.
  • Media. Is the media helping you prove your thesis? Do you explain it or just show it? Is the amount of media balanced with the amount of text and explanation?