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ENG260: Detectives, Spies, & Noir: Selected Resources


The resources included on this page are only a small selection of resources that are available. There may be more books, clips, and scholarly articles in various databases. See the "Finding Resources" tab for database suggestions as well as search tips to locate additional resources.

Selected Books

Selected Articles

Detective & Spy Novels (specific)

G.K. Chesterton

Burns, Timothy. "The Rationalism of Father Brown." Perspectives on Political Science 34.1 (2005): 37-45.

Hayes, Aden W. and Khachig Tololyan. "The Cross and the Compass: Patterns of Order in Chesterton and Borges." Short Story Criticism 46 (1981): 395-405.

Raubicheck, Walter. "Father Brown and the 'Performance' of Crime." The Chesterton Review 19.1 (1993): 39-45.

Agatha Christie

Wagoner, Mary S. "The Detective Novels: Finding the Form (1920-1929)." Twayne's English Authors Series.432 (1989): 33-46.

Georges Simenon

Ely, Peter B. "Detective and Priest: The Paradoxes of Simenon's Maigret." Christianity & Literature 59.3 (2010): 453-477.

Raymond Chandler

Simons, John L., and Robery Merrill. "Razing Cain with Chandler and Wilder: The Prometheus-Pandora Myth in Double Indemnity." Texas Studies in Literature & Language 56.4 (2014): 349-375. (Article not full-text; interlibrary loan required)

Donald Westlake

Peltason, Timothy. "The Professional." Yale Review 102.3 (2014): 73-96. (Article not full-text; interlibrary loan required)

Detective & Spy Novels (general)

Fletcher, Katy. "Evolution of the Modern American Spy Novel." Journal of Contemporary History 22.2 (1987): 319-331.

Stafford, David A.T. "Spies and Gentlemen: The Birth of the British Spy Novel, 1893-1914." Victorian Studies 24.4 (1981): 489-509.

Winks, Robin W. "American Detective Fiction." American Studies International 19.1 (1980): 3-16.

Winks, Robin. "The Scene of the Crime: Detective Fiction Discovers America." The Wilson Quarterly 9.5 (1985) 148-155.

Film Noir (specific)

Double Indemnity (dir. Billy Wilder)

Allyn, John. "Double Indemnity: A Policy that Paid Off." Literature Film Quarterly 6.2 (1978): 116.

Rear Window (dir. Alfred Hitchcok)

Toles, George E. "Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window as Critical Allegory." Boundary 2 16.2/3 (1989): 225-245.

Kiss Me Deadly (dir. Robert Aldrich)

Pritts, Nate. "The Dingus and The Great Whatsit: Motivating Strategies in Cinema." Midwest Quarterly 47.1 (2005): 68.

L.A. Confidential (dir. Curtis Hansen)

Arthurm Paul. "L.A. Confidential." Cineaste‚Äč Summer (1998): 41. 

Film Noir (general)

Conley, Tom. "Locations of Film Noir." Cartographic Journal 46.1 (2009): 16-23.

Hillis, Ken. "Film Noir and The American Dream: The Dark Side of Enlightenment." Velvet Light Trap: A Critical Journal of Film & Television 55 (2005): 3-18.

Naremore, James. "American Film Noir: The History of an Idea.Film Quarterly 49.2 (1995-1996): 12-28.

Ness, Richard R. "A Lotta Night Music: The Sound of Film Noir." Cinema Journal 47.2 (2008): 52-73.

Osteen, Mark. "Noir's Cars: Automobility and Amoral Space in American Film Noir." Journal of Popular Film & Television 35.4 (2008): 183-192.

Wasserman, Tina. "Phantom Bodies: The Missing People and Empty Streets of Film Noir." Quarterly Review of Film & Video 31.7 (2014): 611-620. (Article not full-text; interlibrary loan required)