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Seminary Biblical Studies: Jeremiah

To Do List

Before the exam date, be sure to do at least three things.  First, make sure you understand how to access eBooks, which can be tricky.  Also, familiarize yourself with the book of Jeremiah.  You should read it in English slowly enough that you understand it but quickly enough that you remember what’s gone before.  If possible, read it over a day or two.  Third, read introductions to it in study Bibles and commentaries (especially Miller).  

Two important things to note:

-Dr. Matt Schlimm

Annotated Bibliography (in Alphabetical Order) by Dr. Matt Schlimm

Annotated Bibliography (in Alphabetical Order) by Dr. Matt Schlimm

Miller, Patrick D. “The Book of Jeremiah: Introduction, Commentary and Reflections.” Pages 6:553–921 in The New Interpreter’s Bible: A Commentary in Twelve Volumes. Nashville: Abingdon, 2006.  Go to:

Navigate on the right side to find your passage.

Note: the online version does not always get the transliteration correct.  For example, it has )issâ gudôlâ for hlwdg hva. The Hebrew characters are correct, but the transliteration should instead be )iššâ gӗdôlâ (academic style) or ishah gedolah (general purpose style).  The point: don’t copy their transliterations!

Patrick Miller is one of the best biblical interpreters in recent decades.  Be sure to use this commentary.  It deals with interpretive issues and occasionally treats Hebrew words.  After each commentary, it has a reflection section that is useful for application. –Dr. Matt Schlimm