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Campus Sustainability: Sustainable UD

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Go Green Classroom Tips

Do your Part

Thanks to the library's ongoing "Go Green" initiative, paper use in the library decreased by about 50% in 5 years. How can you help improve our numbers even more?

How can I help?

  • Read on the computer screen rather than printing.
  • If you must print, use the CANON printers in the library, which automatically double-side. Faculty accept assignments printed this way, so don't worry!
  • Print PowerPoint slides multiple per page. Don't know how? Just ask! 
  • Faculty can save PowerPoint handouts as pdfs to ensure slides are printed multiple per page. Use dark text on a light background, which uses less toner.
  • Go paperless for class assignments by using UDOnline/ (Moodle) for assignment submission.
  • Always 'print preview' to make sure you're only printing pages you need.
  • If you print something long by mistake, ask a librarian to cancel your print right away.
  • Place unwanted copies in the trays provided near library printers. This paper is reused in offices for printing on the other side.
  • Scan instead of photocopying. There are 4 library scanners available for student use and instructions are posted next to each. It's free to scan and if necessary you can print using your print account. Scan-to-email is also available on the 2nd floor printer outside the Academic Success Center--no computer required!
  • The library also provides a free e-delivery service—we can scan up to 10% of a book & provide it to you electronically. Details & request forms available at:

We're sure you've already noticed, but the library's 1st-floor computers (near the coffee shop) print double-sided. Need to print single-sided or need help? Just ask!

Selected media

Selected articles

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Student environmental organization.

Faculty advisor: Adam Hoffman (; 563-589-3746)

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