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Library Resources for LIFE Program & Adjunct Faculty: Welcome!

Welcome Video

This page is intended to introduce LIFE Program & adjunct faculty to the library resources & services as well as keeping them updated about any recent additions or changes. Have a question or suggestion? Contact your librarian!

Did you know?

Library staff run 2 vibrant book clubs which meet monthly. All are welcome to participate, and books are provided free through the library's Interlibrary Loan service.  For more information, see:

UD Book Club (reads a wide variety of popular literature, including fiction/non-fiction, including holiday activities & more!)

YA Book Club (reads young adult books, includes author Q & A sessions, speed-dating books, & more!)

Testimonials from UD Students and Faculty

"I received the interlibrary loaned documents at 3:15. I thank you so much for your time and help. I had an extension on the paper because I had to go to the hospital twice due to signs of early labor, so I was pressed for time. I was able to get the paper done with your help, so thank you very much."
-A student via email

"The lesson pace was perfectly suited to the needs of the students, and the material was delivered in a clear and purposeful manner. Students were challenged and engaged in the examination of scholarly literature and the citation process." -Education faculty member

"I just had the pleasure of hearing from the second outside-evaluator group in the last 24 hours about how wonderful our library personnel are and I'm writing to tell you thank you again! The four members of the AABI accreditation team made a point of underscoring how important your strong support is to students and faculty in Aviation."
-Former Vice President for Academic Affairs

"As a former RES 104 student, your work was well needed. I had no clue how to use the databases. The librarians [at my current institution] barely have any contact with the students. The one-on-one you and the librarians do is actually great."
-A former student who transferred to another institution

"Thanks a million for all your assistance in [helping with the research paper in Modern Financial Institutions]. It really is making a difference."
-Business faculty member

"Thank you & I also wanted to let you know how helpful the presentation you did. I was unaware of options like this. You guys are amazing."
-Lynne O'Hea, LIFE Program student

"The research guide developed on the library's webpage has valuable tips, directions, and resources embedded to ensure student success." -Education faculty member

"Thanks so much for all your valuable help. I can't think of anything I would ask you to change in your presentation of library resources and possible topics. You helped them get a solid start on their research. Thank you for helping them---and me. I look forward to working with you again."
-Sue Cording, LIFE instructor, English & Research Writing

"To say that you have been a big help would be an understatement."
-Scott Frost, LIFE instructor, Business